The Final entry

The party headed east past the city of Kedad. After three days on horseback and various encounters with vampiric trees, they came to a lake. The dock-man granted them passage aboard their boat for a huge sum of gold. The boat seemed to have no crew deckside but was in reality rowed and steered by animated cadavers below deck.

As creepy as that was, the three day voyage went without a hitch. The party pulled onto a beach on the south side of the ten-mile diameter, wedge shaped island. The party traveled inland through a path-less forest and had several strange encounters not to be spoken of.
During one of these encounters, the party rescued a woman and her daughter. This pair they decided to return to their home on the East side of the island. They pulled into town by nightfall.

The next morning, they hired a guide to take them to the temple, the one that apparently held the Hand of Vax. The party encountered more undisclosed weirdness along the way but made it to the temple by mid-day, and were unharmed. They blasted through the temple finding more weirdness and defeating the toughest monsters that they had ever faced.

Gargg, Tia and the regenerating Rah all fell in one fight against an insane lich. So after another quiet side journey back to town, and two Raises, the party spent the night and then returned to the temple.

After a few more big bosses, the party entered the treasure chamber of the temple and fought a Specter, much to K’em’s chagrin. But they had found a fair amount of magical treasure including the Hand of Vax, which was hidden inside a block of cement.
With the Hand extricated from the block, the party returned to the town for another night’s rest. Gargg let his curiosity get the better of him and he touched the Hand, realizing some of its curses. K’em took responsibility for the Hand after that.

The party made for the port in the morning. They caught the same boat back to the mainland and set sail for the three day trip. They were attacked by a bounty hunter along the way but to no permanent damage. They landed and reclaimed their horses, made their way to Kedad without incident.

The party spent the next day pricing out and dividing loot, with some degree of argument. The party seemed much better equipped afterwards, adding a sword of sharpness, a holy sword and a powerful bow to their arsenal. The party started to feel good about themselves.

Martina came to town and put the question to the party, would they leave with her to parts unknown? The question really fell on the religious members of the party as they would likely be leaving their temples behind, but also on Gargg. Gargg felt a loyalty to his family that no other member felt. He had to stay and fight for their well-being. The religious members, on the other hand, decided it would be best to establish Utu or Siduri temples in the new land. All but Gargg decided to go with Martina the next evening.

The next day was filled with celebration and drinking as Maka Buck and Rah Kahn got married. The town of Kedad had never seen such a celebration and the entire town, it seemed, came out to party.

That evening Martina returned, and the party gathered around her, plus one stranger, another friend of Martina, named Sunshine. One elaborate Teleport spell later and the party, minus Gargg, was gone, never again to set foot on Ki.



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