It's All About Gems and Escaping the Apocalypse

In Malacad the party priced out the items they found and cashed out the gems. They gained quite a bit of cash from these and divided it out among the party members. Several of them then took the opportunity to train to a higher level of ability. Three weeks passed in Malacad as Delal needed the full length of time. Not much information was gained in the meantime. Seems that all of civilization is preparing for war.
On the night before the party was going to head back toward Selangod, they saw a dark stranger in the Inn. Tia sensed no evil in the person but did sense that it was undead. Gargg approached the shabby character and found to his surprise that it was Martina. She looked rough, her features dark, except for her glowing eyes, and her hair and clothing were disheveled.
Martina was sad having apparently lost a fight with something she believed to be a goddess. She expressed that she was losing her faith in Utu, that the Sun God wouldn’t be able to stand against this new god. The coming wars, and the futility of her efforts demoralized her. The image Martina gave of the future was a bleak one, a future without Utu. She just wanted to leave, wanted to avoid the coming horror.
The party heard from Martina that, the goddess in question was the very goddess worshiped in the town of “Singa’s Justice.” They were surprised to hear that this goddess of extreme goodness would wage war on other faiths that fought for the good. It would be a war of iconoclasm, where one goddess would replace all other gods. Martina seemed convinced that this one goddess would emerge victorious at the end of the coming war.
There was talk of escaping the world, leaving the wars behind. Martina spoke of magical artifacts that could help her transfer herself and those accompanying her to a safe place. The Hand and Eye of Vax would give Martina the coordinates and ability to escape. She, herself would go after the Eye.
The party said they would go after the Hand. It was something to do, a mission, and they seemed unclear as to what to do next so, Martina’s suggestion was fortuitous. Martina gave them information on where the Hand might be located, an island in a lake three days ride east of Kedad. There, two rival factions fight for control of the island and the ancient temples located there. The hand is apparently located inside one of the temples.
Martina agreed to teleport the party into Selangod, mainly so that Delal could get her curse removed. While there, the party did substantial shopping and took care of their personal responsibilities. Maka found a ruby for Delal to use for the remove curse, and after a sojourn to the Inanna temple, her curse was removed.
The party looks next to journey East, past Kedad. Will they stay to fight in the coming wars or will they get the hand, and leave everything behind? Big decisions coming up.



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