Tru (Tyrone Smithe)



A hunka-hunk-a-Burnin’ Love, Baby!


“I was born to a noble family,” Tru starts. "My father was the third son of the Duke of the East, in Selangod. I am somewhere around 27th in line for the throne, as far fetched as that seems. With the passing of my parents I was left with an older brother, Fin, and two older sisters, not to mention a slew of uncles and aunts. I was 11, and had been raised in a proper, upper class home and taught some of the arts, including, I might add, music. My brother envied me that. He was talented with athletics and ruled the sports. He preferred a great-axe while I was satisfied with a short sword in the sparring lessons. We couldn’t be more different, really.

Fin was the head of the household, officially, although the inheritance was to be divided equally among the kids when we reached the age of reason. My brother is five years older than I and already had children before I reached age 14. Fin threw a big party for me, had me sign a bunch of official documents, giving me rights and naming me as an heir, ready to receive my title and inheritance. I was such a fool, but I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t trust Fin but he was my brother. And where was the family caretaker? Where was my advocate? Well, a few days later I was locked out of our estate without so much as a word. Entreaties to my family fell on deaf ears. Aunts and uncles responded as if I were a leper AND a family disgrace. As more came in I learned that I had signed away my birthright, losing all claim on everything except my official age. Yes, I am officially an adult of 19 years. Then I learned that my disgrace was that I impregnated my sister – a ridiculous slander! But Marlena lied and thus my shame became reality. Apparently my family just doesn’t like me very much…

I have been on the move and on the streets ever since. I believe my brother wants me dead so I don’t stay in any one place too long. He’s not likely to come out to Pahand, and well, if the party is going to stay local for a while, I will be able to adventure with them, to gain experience, means, and wealth. THEN I will deal with my pugnacious brother!"

Tru (Tyrone Smithe)

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