Rah Kahn

Cleric of Siduri


Canon – 6th level Cleric of Siduri

STR: 13
INT: 11
WIS: 14
DEX: 13
CON: 12
CHA: 9

Primary weapon: +2 Flail

Outside of Rah’s adventuring party, he has as many descriptions on his appearance as people you ask. Not much is known of his face. It is usually hidden in the shadows of the hood of his cloak.


Rah Kahn was born on a day not unlike any other day near the city of Selangod. Raised on his parents modest farm, he was the youngest of five children.

There was a considerable difference in age between Rah and his older siblings. His older brothers & sisters tended to the farming, while Rah’s joy-filled youth was only occasionally interrupted by his minor chores. Mostly just enough to keep him busy and out of the way.

This ended when he was only seven. His parents, by this time, were of advanced age and passed away within weeks of each other.

His youth taken from him, Rah was now a farmer. He loathed his new found responsibilities and resented his siblings for what he felt were their high demands of him. He even resented his parents for dying and leaving him in this position. He hated farming.

During this coming of age period, Rah’s only time of peace was when he could break away from his busy schedule and visit his good friend Jeremiah. This wasn’t your typical friendship. Although Jeremiah could speak, Rah could never, ever understand a single word he said. Jeremiah was not a human, he was a bullfrog.

Jeremiah was a wine maker. An exceptional one at that. He usually made too much so Rah would help him drink it. Rah noted that Jeremiah’s wine was mighty fine.

Naturally Rah’s curiosity got the best of him. He followed Jeremiah back to his pad and watched in amazement! Jeremiah showed Rah all the steps in the wine making process.

Rah finally had a passion! Through trial and error (mostly error), Rah spent all his free time perfecting his wine making skills. Then finally, one night while accompanied only by his three dogs, he achieved the results he had worked so hard for!

“Joy to the world!” Rah exclaimed.

His Farming suffered greatly during this time. Friction increased between him and his siblings. Rah had finally had enough! Confident he could make a living as a wine maker, he ventured into Selangod to find a market for his goods. Leaving farming behind him for good.

Being young and naive in the ways of city life, Rah was a little overwhelmed by all that he witnessed. While searching for some sort of tavern or market, he saw it! A large symbol of wine being poured into a goblet, hanging on the most amazing building he had ever seen! The Temple of Siduri.

Rah entered the temple and for the first time in his life, felt at home. He was accepted and trained in the ways of the Cleric.

Now an adult, Rah has joined a group of adventurers in the quest of bringing a better life to the good people of the world. In doing this Rah hopes bring glory to the great Siduri and earn favor in her eyes!

Rah Kahn

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