Fighter (Mythical?)




The story of “Mho, The Rangineer” is known by few, and perhaps fully understood by none. Legend has it that a few months prior to the Great Siege of Hatyad, Mho arrived in Pahand City, camping high in a safe tree near the Business District. Mr. Jennings recalled that she approached him on the street outside his general store and offered to whitewash a wall that had been defaced by “Jade”, the infamous Selangodian Graffiti artist. For her services, Jennings allowed Mho to equip herself with items from his store. Mho then took up with a small band of adventurers based at the Lilac Inn, and served for a brief time as their occasional guardian and guide on forays into the Great Outside.

NB: Soon thereafter, The Lilac Inn became famous for its association with Garggleblasst, Hero of Pahand, a.k.a. “Garggleblasst The Mighty”, “Garggleblasst The Brave”, “Gargg The Magnificent”, “Sultan of Smash”. (Disambiguation: “Pan Galactic Gargleblaster” — a cocktail which “packs a similar punch as does Gargg, but which is not found anywhere on the not very harmless, backwater world of Ki” — op.cit. HHGG.) It is speculated, mainly by storytellers and bards, that Mho was associated in some manner with Gargg, but there are no reliable reports of their ever having been seen together. The controversial theory that Mho was affiliated with the “SMASH” Clinic in Hatyad City (prior to the Great Siege), and the implications thereof, are discounted among Garggian scholars as being nothing more than a coincidence based upon a whimsical choice of acronym, (or a “flaming bag of dingo poop”, depending upon the source), as Gargg himself avoided Hatyad until much later in his career.

Mho, it is said, was of more than average intelligence, athletic, inventive, analytical, artistic, and gifted with an eidetic memory. Sadly, perhaps, she was also supremely introverted, claustrophobic, and most certainly “not a people person”. She had a ranger’s talent for disappearing without a trace into the Great Outside for extended periods after a campaign, then returning unexpectedly to assist Pahand City during times of crisis. She was last seen in Pahand shortly after the Great Siege of Hatyaid. After promising her comrades that they would soon return, Mho and Tru Bard (later Mayor of Hatyaid City and 34th Heir to the Kingdom of Selangod) disappeared together into the Great Outside. Several weeks later, Tru Bard was found wandering the streets of Pahand moaning, “My Lady, where art thou?”, and “Mho, come back to me!” The good people of Pahand at first despaired of his life, and later of his sanity. He was taken in by the Brethren of the Shrine of Utu, and after a period of convalescence and much tender care, Tru regained his wits. His long time companions observed, however, that Tru was forever after a changed, more solitary person. Never again did Tru speak of Mho, nor of his experiences during the Great Hatyaidian Siege.

It is a matter of historical record that a medic attached to the “SMASH” Clinic in Hatyaid, coincidentally also named “Mho”, was instrumental in saving the lives of many miners who would otherwise have succumbed to the mysterious “Miner’s Curse”, that she educated the miners in safe practices that would dispel the “Curse”, and that this “Mho” also aided many of the wounded warriors during the aftermath of the final battle. It is speculated that “Mho, the Medic”, and other members of “SMASH” Clinic were, in reality, agents of Pahand, sent by the Sheriff to infiltrate and destabilize Hatyaid, and that these agents may have played a pivotal role in the downfall of the Duke of Hatyaid and in the fiery destruction of the Keep. However, these speculations are unsupported by any but the most questionable sources, and they are based mainly upon the remnants of a diary that is said to have been kept by a sorcerer named “Shady”, about whom the Archives are almost as devoid of any hard evidence as they are concerning “Mho”. Nevertheless, many ballads, epic poems, morality plays, and graphic novels have been based upon heroic tales of “The Mysterious Mho, Her Lover (Tru Bard), and The SMASHing of Haytaid City”.

One postscript to the story of Mho may or may not be related to her mysterious disappearance. Several days prior to the return of Tru Bard from the Great Outside, a previously undiscovered volcano in the Southwest Reaches, which had lain dormant for millenia, suddenly, and without warning, manifested in a violent eruption, flinging vast quantities of lava, ash, and large boulders high into the air, raining death upon both plants and animals for miles around. Search parties, who investigated the Great Volcanic Plain after the land had cooled, reported that a new lake had formed in a deep crater where once stood a lonely mountain. That mountain, it is said, contained deep, unexplored caverns, where a curious green-eyed people once dwelt. No trace of any such habitation has yet been found.


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