Maka is a 5'9" strawberry blonde (shoulder length hair) with an athletic build, although she has been known to model both a long and short brunette hair (wigs), meticulous with here appearance she has a fondness for jewelry, perfume, and nice clothes/dres


Maka Buck, AKA Maka the marvelous, sometimes known as Madame Marilyn, is a recent resident of Pahand, originally from solegod Maka is striking beautiful and alarming quick with her hands, she has somewhat of a mysterious past. She will tell you that she was orphaned as a child when both of her parents were killed by plant monsters, and that she grew up on the streets of solengod rescued from a life of begging by by someone she only refers to as " her mentor". Other aspects of her background may very with discussion may change and she has at times indicated that she was the 1st runner up in the miss solegod contest, working as a dancer and entertainer, a Merchent, insurance salesperson, flautist, and courtier, but now mostly works as a lightly armed fighter and scout, when not out on an adventure she can usually be found making money off other people’s vices running gambling or ingratiating herself with wealthy patrons of the bar. She says she easy going, tries not to make waves and works to get along with every one and keep the piece. When asked why she left seal god, she usually changes the subject quickly or gives a trite cute silly answer.

Others around her may comment that she seems like an opportunistic flirt who seems to ingratiate herself with whoever has influence at the moment, and after “reading the room” will side with whatever way the prevailing wind is blowing. They may also comment that if she did everything she says she did in solengod she would be 35 years old and despite her skill with the sling and long sword she has other non fighter skills. There are whispers that she may not have always operated on the right side of the law.


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