K'emwar Uskum



K’emwar “K’em” Uskum, born (Sept 4, 1573) to K’emlan and Larinda Uskum of Pahand, has found himself leading the new and stange life of an adventurer at the age of 17. Early life was spent leaning the basics of farming. K’em showed an aptitude in woodworking, and subsequently has apprenticed under Trevor of the Carpenters Guild of Pahand. At the age of 14, K’em was recruited to assist with the Pahand defences after showing natural compentence with the Longbow. As a reserve member of the Pahand Guard, K’em has been trained in the basic arts of organized combat. Extending his skills in carpentry, K’em gained proficiency in using the Battle Axe and Hand Axe with Shield, as well as the Glaive-Guisarme.

Update… K’em has recently been in the possesion of a Shield of Wonder, and strongly suspects recent strange events to this item. Among the events, a deluge of bubbles bursting forth from the mouth of the shield, a hailstorm indoors, a sudden deluge of oil from nowhere, and fortunately not at the same time as a raging inferno. And on a more personal note, a sudden increase in height by a full foot as well as the shield voiceing some deeply held personal and embarassing secrets.

K'emwar Uskum

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