Magic User, 4th level


Delal is 5’8" tall, with brown hair that is below-shoulder length. She wears a red and red-violet robe and a pointed mage hat. She wields a quarter staff and several throwing daggers.


Delal Katniss was born on October 12, 1564, in the city of Selangod. Her family, though noble, was not incredibly wealthy. Her parents, Lord Anthony Katniss and Lady Lalana Katniss, had hoped that their only daughter would marry a very wealthy nobleman. Delal, however, had other plans.

She had learned to read at a young age, and she loved to read stories of brave adventurers defeating evil monsters. She would dream of becoming a great adventurer and saving people from the forces of evil and injustice. When her desire for adventure would become too much, she would sneak out of the house and explore the city. During one of these “outings” she saw a thief stealing a jeweled necklace from a noble woman and running away. The thief was stopped by a robed man, who cast a variety of spells at him. Delal, having never before witnessed such powerful magic, was dazzled by the the spells. After the evil thief had fallen unconscious, the robed man returned the stolen necklace to the noblewoman. It was that moment that Delal became obsessed with learning how to cast magic.

The next day, Delal begged her parents to hire a magic instructor. They refused repeatedly until they saw that she was absolutely serious about becoming a mage. After years of studying, she was finally able to cast minor spells. Her teacher told her that she was ready to travel the world as an official magic-user, and Delal eagerly set out to find an adventuring company to travel with.

After a long search, she came across a cleric of Siduri and a paladin of Utu (who wore awesome pants). They told her about their mission to Pahand, and asked her if she wished to join them. She replied with a very enthusiastic “HECK YEAH!”

Delal loves to read (to the point of distraction) and showing off her spells and knowledge. She loves to explore, but is wary of anything that sounds too dangerous. She hates loose ends, probably due to the stories she reads always having an ending. Although she loves her family, she rarely talks about them, and usually introduces herself simply as “Delal”. She wants to be known for her skills rather than her nobility.


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