Brother James

Priest of Utu




Originally gained notoriety by assisting Garggleblasst and Bona during their heroic rescue of the Baron of Pahand’s youngest son from an enchanted wagon train filled with zombies. He then helped track down and slay the Cannibal Mage (He who had originally kidnapped the child and murdered the Baron’s brother.)

Brother James later traveled to the small town of Cairmor, four days north of Hatyad, in the company of Tru Bard and Garggleblasst. There they discovered the townspeople to be in the thrall of a minor devil and its murderous henchwoman, sorceress Mother Gloam. They were also joined by a young fighter (Lane the Archer) and his henchmen, Berlaine, Tremaine, and Martha. In the final battle, Brother James fought valiantly, but was felled by a sting from the devil’s tail, then trampled by enraged, possessed townsfolk. Garggleblasst, Tru, and company were victorious, and the curse upon the town was lifted. Gargg, Tru, and Martha, returned James’s body to the Utu shrine in Pahand, where James was awarded a Hero’s funeral.

Brother James

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