Ardell Bona



Obituary- Ardell Bona

Ardell, was a peaceful being, beloved by his family and true friends. He always saw the good in others and easily befriended anyone he encountered. However, his heart to see only the good in others led him to be murdered by a team of what he thought were “friends”.
In some distant dungeon, Ardell received his deadly lesson on betrayal. From no cause of his own and from the hands of his own team he was slashed, burned, bludgeoned, and electrocuted without him even raising a hand of aggression towards his aggressors. The chilling words, “ooops! my bad” will forever haunt Ardell’s broken heart. He succumbed to the treacherous wounds on 6/15/2013. May the shedding of his innocent blood be avenged!…

No need to be avenged, Ardell has returned from the dead! Threep Ovendolla convinced the group relieve themselves of Ardell’s waterlogged body. Threep then had his body rushed away while assuring the group that they would see him in 1 week. Threep kept his word, Ardell returned to the group unharmed, no longer dead, and in exactly 1 weeks time. However, he wasn’t the Ardell they expected to see, he was only 10 years old! Because of his sudden loss of physical stature, Ardell asked the group to accept Threep into the fold as his replacement. Convinced that both Ardell and Threep were men of honor, Threep was unanimously accepted as Ardell’s replacement. After addressing the group, Ardell gave Threep his sword and stipend of money and walked away.

Ardell Bona

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