Cursed Traps, Ghoulish Paintings, and Bushels of Lizardfolks

The party eventually opened the invisible treasure chest, and inside found a spell-book and a bunch of valuable coins. They took the loot to their lair (the former dragon lair) and let Delal take on all the risk of identifying what turned out to be a cursed sword. It is now stuck in her hand, and great lengths need be gone through in order to un-stick it. Then Delal went on to flip open the spell-book only to have it explode in her face, nocking her into unconsciousness. That right there was a tough day. Gargg wanted to go back into town, for Delal’s sake, but the team decided to keep going. They healed Delal and continued.
They went on to see the friendly, neighborhood ghoul artist, to see if he needed to be put down or not. He was painting a new picture, a picture of a damsel in distress, wearing a red dress. Richard the ghoul said he saw the image of the woman in a dream, a waking dream. K’em was very interested, believed the woman to be Martina. Her eyes were painted open, and there were other signs of life – obviously a good omen that Martina was still alive. Richard said that the feeling he had during his dream was that the woman was waiting for something.
Another artistic oddity was that the Succubus in the Succubus painting was no longer depicted in the painting, but only a black background. Richard said that apparently the Succubus had somewhere else to be, and so she left the painting. It became clear to some party members that Richard was perhaps merely a conduit for some other artist of extreme power, one that sends images to Richard for him to paint. They left Richard alone and instead, destroyed a library containing evil and valueless books. It is interesting to see that some people, that do not openly profess ‘goodness,’ still have fear and disdain for evil; that tainted, extremely treasured items suddenly have no value.
The party then decided to go downstairs, to the subterranean ‘beach,’ although Maka didn’t want to go. They explored ‘their’ side of the river, as opposed to the side with the undead monstrosities. They soon came upon a bad scent, the smell of death. A pitched battle had taken place weeks or months earlier. A hundred rotted Lizard-man corpses littered the ground. There was also the putrefied corpse of a huge Land-shark. Could this be Martina’s pet or friend Stewart? They couldn’t be sure, as Stewart was the only Land-shark the party had ever met.
Leaving the death and rot, the party decided to cross the river, finding nothing else of interest on the enclosed beach. The river looked fast and dangerous with rapids, and so the party members scrabbled, in only the most laughingly inept display ever, up the wall and across the river. Yet none of the ample failures led to any damage taken. Another empty barrow awaited them on the other side.
Progressing across the far side, along the wall, they noticed a triangular structure over by where the undead people were. They didn’t approach that, but farther along, noticed campfires. Threep decided to check it out but he didn’t get far before he saw the on-coming Lizard-man attackers. First ten, then another ten, then another, the lizard-men came in waves. The party’s improved armor and position protected them, and they cut down piles of lizards, being completely surrounded by a wall of corpses by the battle’s end. Thirty-six lizard-folk were slain, only fourteen escaped.
The party had suffered medium damage in the fight, but that didn’t stop them from pursuing the escapee’s. They approached some of the now abandoned campsites and found decent treasure at two of them. They cast their eyes to three other campfires and the loot that might be found therein.



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