A Barren Town, a Trap, and a Pet Dragon

The party, having cleaned out the laboratory complex, considered making it their home away from home. They went in to Malacad as several members needed to train and resupply, especially if they were to stock their new home. They cashed in a bunch of stuff and set out to train.
Beforehand, however, they met a gnome slaver bearing human slaves. By chance, one of the slaves looked like someone from their past, the Witch Martina. Closer scrutiny and interaction with the slaver showed that the slave was not actually Martina. Tru and Threnody bought her anyway.
Then the party split up. Tru and Threnody packed up and made their way toward Hatyaid. Luthan and Verac headed back toward Selangod. It seemed that in the last case, their jobs with the party were done and Scruffy and Delal had come back. These more experienced characters were welcomed back warmly. Gargg, less so, but nonetheless welcomed back. Mirrodin seemed to like it in Malacad, so the new party left without him.
They returned to their new complex and unceremoniously dumped off their supplies. Further down the road they met a monster that was vaguely giant-scorpion-like but bigger. They brought this terrible creature down after a short fight. It was heavily armored but persistence paid off.
The party ventured on and met another party. They were five fighter types wearing red robes and one Enki priest. The robed folks claimed to be servants of the Red Goddess, a deity not listed in the Book of Recognized Religions. They apparently fought at her side in a fight against Lizard People but were now returning to town. She likely sent them back for their own safety as they seemed low level. They seemed a good lot.
Pulling into the quickly fading village of Weycomb happened next. There were few residents left to talk to but those that were available spoke of bandits, raiding, burning and kidnapping at night. Indeed several of the hovels were burned down. Only the Inn survived as a business. That and the lush rye field.
It was said that the bandits approached the village through the field. An invisible Threep investigated by walking through the field toward a copse of thick trees. Two individuals came out of the woods and started screaming insults at the transparent thing cutting a ribbon through the rye. As Threep retreated, the couple advanced to the center of the field. From there they yelled insults at the village, goading a response from the party. The party entered the field and approached the duo, with the intention of capturing them. Instead of that, however, they were attacked by a Black Dragon.
The dragon used spells to great effect, almost dropping Delal and Charming Rah. Gargg, K’em and Threep attacked it with bows to some effect, while Scruffy healed and protected Delal. Then came the dreaded breath weapon as the dragon descended. Over half the party was caught in the acidic blast, although none were slain. Some armor and clothing were damaged by the acid. As was Rah, shook free by the burn.
Rah took the opportunity to save the party from another blast. He pulled out the dreaded Iron Skull of Gul’Dan. With a word he successfully trapped the fierce dragon inside the skull. The danger, for the moment, was over.
The party returned to the Inn to heal and rest, happy with their success. They briefly considered the trap that had been left for them. Was the dragon the Reptile King or is there another?



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