Undead Good, Bad, or Ugly

Undead: Good, Bad, or Ugly?

The undead. These are dead people who aren’t content to lie and decompose, but have the audacity to get up and try to eat the living. But what are they? Are they a force for evil? Or for good? Or neither? Are they simply ugly?

There is no denying among the living that the undead, if they exist, are unnerving. Who can sit without a second glance as a zombie or skeleton saunders by? The dead should stay dead. It is by this sentiment that the undead are predominantly avoided, hated, and destroyed. It is this unease that earns them the association with evil.

But are they?

Are there some undead, who despite their affliction are a force for good? Take the presence of Martina for example.

Anyone who paid any attention to Martina knows that she is undead. She lacks that certain warmth in her skin, or sparkle in her eye, or frailty that is the hallmark of the living. And yet, she is the most gracious hostess, treating her guests to the most fulfilling feasts and stories. She seems concerned with rooting out evil in the Selengod area and destroying it, be it evil beings or items. And, despite having the power to teleport her home about at her whim, she allows her guests the choice in disposition of their evil items and comrades. It seems that Martina is indeed a good undead.

Perhaps the undead are like people: neither good nor bad, but a balanced mixture of the two, as it should be.


Undead Good, Bad, or Ugly

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