aka Morloks

Regressed are some white stupid human-like people found in the caves of some old forgotten underground complex. They grow mushrooms for sustenance, and occasionally trap meat of any kind, including other regressed, to supplement their mushroom diet. They are adept at travelling in cave environments with low ceilings and obstacles.

The regressed are currently in thrall to the red tentacled thingy.

The regressed employ no tactic more advanced than ‘swarm’ and ‘run away’, although the few cleric types found within them know how to cast cure light wounds and hold persons. The regressed have not learned how to coup-de-grace, so if you can hold the field until the last morlok leaves, your fallen comrades will be fine. Thus, the regressed have earned the rating, ‘nuisance’.

The regressed make an extraordinary liqueur, the Morlok Magic Mushroom Liqueur, which is the next fad of the upper class in Selengod. Only one large bronze caldron of the Liqueur is known to exist. A pint of the Liqueur might fetch upwards of 250gp in Selengod, if served at the appropriate temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

— M.


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