Author’s note:

Below is the draft of a suggestion of guidelines / rules for improved organization of the adventuring party that were discussed between K’em, Lester, Dalal, and myself before the trip to the drug runners. I posted these to begin a discussion with the intent of reaching an agreement that we can all abide by. Please read through the document and add your comments below the affected section(s).

— M.


We the undersigned agree to the following set of guidelines for the business of adventuring. We agree that to ensure a safe and fair adventure, all party members will discuss and adopt a set of guidelines by which no party member is exposed to undue danger, nor shall a party member be denied a fair portion of the fruits of adventuring with the party.


party member – one of the undersigned.
active member – a party member actively adventuring on an adventure
party – a group of the undersigned agreeing to adventure together under the provisions of this agreement.
quorum – a specific number or portion of all the undersigned members.
portion – the full cash value of loot received by one individual or the party fund.
share – an equal protion of the cash value of loot.
magic pick priority – the order of options to purchase a magic item from party loot.
adventure – an undertaking involving risk of death in the pursuit of loot.
loot – value gathered by all active members during an adventure.

Quorum and Procedures:

For any agreement , be it party direction, goals, admission of new members, hiring of employees, party purchases, etc., 2/3 of all signed party members must be present and agree. Other provisions specifically requiring agreement of a quorum are:
Direction, addition or change of these provisions, selection of goals, admission of new members, hiring of employees, purchases with the party fund.

Party Membership


Party membership is granted only to those individuals approved by a quorum of the party and that agree to these provisions by signing this agreement.


A signed member may renounce their membership at any time. At such time, the newly ex-member will be paid a full portion of unapportioned loot up to the time of renunciation. Items as yet unappraised will have their value assigned the best estimate of a quorum of the remaining members. The ex-member will then receive a full portion to the best of the party ability, including the issuance of IOUs against the party treasury. The party may accept IOUs from the newly ex-member with the approval of a quorum of the remaining members.


We acknowledge that not all individuals who sign an agreement will abide by their signature. In the advent of a violation of the agreement, two steps requiring a quorum of party members are performed: 1. The party will agree by a quorum to a description of the transgression. 2. The party will agree by a quorum to a penalty levied on the transgressor. The transgressor then has the choice to abide by the penalty or renounce their membership immediately.

Distribution of Loot and other Revenues

Loot Shares

All as yet undistributed loot remaining at the end of an adventure, and any loot distributed to members during an adventure, must be divided into equal shares by cash value. Fair cash value of all items, magic or otherwise, shall be determined, and summed with the total cash of the loot, to determine total value of the loot. Portions: Each signed member actively adventuring gets two shares of loot, and the party treasury may be allotted one share ( see Party Treasury below ). Once the number of shares is determined, and the cash value of all loot determined, each active party member receives an equal cash valued portion of the loot. The portion may contain a mix of cash and / or value of magic items.

Magic Pick Order

The order that magic items may be taken for their full cash value from the loot is determined in the following manner: For each party member the total cash value of magic items chosen in portions of loot is recorded by the treasurer. In the following order, members may choose to purchase one magic item out of the loot by forgoing a portion of their loot equal in value to the cash value of the magic item. Then the second member in the order. And so on until all members have had a chance to purchase a magic item. If any magic items remain, the order is re-determined with the value of the newly purchased items, and a second pass through the party members is performed, until no party member wishes to purchase another magic item. All magic items remaining in the loot are then sold and converted to cash.

Party Fund

The party will maintain a fund of 1000 gp per signed member. The party fund will be funded by 1 share of every loot distribution until the fund is fully funded. Party funds may be used to purchases of party materials, such as the wagon or identify spells used to identify unknown loot items, or to loan a dead party member the funds to purchase a raise dead or resurrection spell.

Ressurection / Raise Dead

Those party members that wish the party to raise them from the dead or resurrection in the likely event of their untimely death my inform the party as such. Once so informed, the party will do their best to bring the deceased party member back to life through magical means. The funds to raise the dead member will come from the estate of the dead member. If the deceased member does not have the funds to effect a raise, the party will loan party funds to the deceased member to effect the raise. An IOU for the contribution is levied against the newly raised party member and credited to the party treasury.


Members are proposed and seconded for consideration for a quorum, and appointed by vote of a quorum. When a role requires documentation, specifically for the financial records of the treasurer of the records of the secretary, those records must be passed in full to the succeeding role upon election.


A leader is elected by a quorum of members at the start of each adventure, and assumes the duties and privileges of the leader until the conclusion of the adventure. The leader is the chair for all discussions deciding the direction of the party, including tactical decisions, strategic decisions, business and organizational decisions. The chair allocates fair time for each member to contribute to the discussions, and calls for a final vote to achieve a quorum once discussions are concluded. In the advent that meaningful discussions have insufficient time to lead to a quorum due to imminent danger, the leader has sole authority to make tactical and short-term strategic decisions to bring the party to a location safe enough to achieve a quorum.


The treasurer is elected by a quorum of members for the duration of one adventure. The treasurer keeps records for all transactions involving assessment of loot value, distribution of loot, magic item purchase history for magic item pick priority, and expenditures and debts due and / or purchased by the party fund. The treasurer will keep track of the whereabouts of party funds and unapportioned loot.


The secretary is elected by a quorum of members for the duration of one adventure. The secretary keeps written records of official party business, agreements, and all other decisions. Verbal decisions may be transferred after the fact by a quorum. If a decision is not written into the record, the decision is not considered an official party decision until it is recorded.

Chaotic Alignment Exception

For characters of Chaotic alignment, the following text is, by default, whether expressed or implied, appended to each and every sentence and/or paragraph of the foregoing…


This may or may not be accompanied by the following taunt:



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