Scruffy McAwesomepants

Paladin of Utu


Lvl 4 Paladin of Utu

18 Strength – HitProb: +1 , DamAdj: +2
11 Dexterity
14 Constitution – systemshock: 88% , Res.Surv: 92%
10 Intelligence – #languages: 2
14 Wisdom
17 Charisma – Max Henchmen: 10 , Loyalty Base: +30 , Reaction Adj: +30

HP 33 , AC 2

– Detect Evil up to 60ft
– Immune to all disease
– Cure wounds once per day: +2 per lvl (currently 8hp)
– Cure disease once per week
– Protection from Evil: 10ft
– Affect the Undead as a lvl 2 Cleric (at lvl 3 +1 per lvl)

Skilled as a Forester

– Silver Gear Ring of Awesome
– Holy water (x3)
– Ghost Cutter: (S)1-8 , (L)1-12
*+1 longsword , 2 against undead
– Sathrina’s Sword: (S)1-8 , (L)1-12
1 Magic Longsword
– Longbow: (S)1-6 , (L)1-6
– Hauberk of Strength:(+3 to Strength)
– +2 Shield


Born from a noble family, The McAwesomepants family of Selangod, Scruffy was raised with much class, just as his name suggests. The McAwesomepants, a family of five, includes Scruffy, his younger brother, his parents and Grandpa McAwesomepants. Now, Grandpa McAwesomepants was from the Holy Order of Paladins from the Temple of Utu in Selangod, but, Mr. McAwesomepants, father of Scruffy, was just simply a great fighter. Though Mr. McAwesomepants wasn’t a Paladin like Grandpa McAwesomepants, he decided Scruffy would go to the temple Utu and train to be a Paladin like his grandfather. Mrs. McAwesomepants, mother of Scruffy, on the other hand, was a Ranger from the humble town of Pahand. Now, both of Scruffy’s parents were adventurers who set out to find riches, explore new places, fight in dangerous battles and to make a name for themselves. In fact, because of the adventurous part of them, that’s how they met. Lastly we come to Scruffy’s younger brother, Felix the Ranger. Little is known of Felix, but it is known that while Scruffy was training with their father and the temple, Felix was trained by their mother. It is said though that Felix has been traveling in and out of groups- sometimes alone. Though they love each other dearly, Scruffy and his brother Felix have not talked nor seen each other since the time Scruffy left for Pahand.

Now, to go back a little in time, Scruffy had finished his training at the Temple of Utu in Selangod at the age of eighteen and had set out for Pahand. There in Pahand Scruffy was instructed to start his duties of cleaning the world of Evil, advised though, by the Temple of Utu in Pahand. Shortly after reaching the town of Pahand, Scruffy decided to get himself familiar with the town and ended up going to the local inn along with a Mage named Delal and a Cleric named Rah. There he got a small drink to wake him up. Shortly after, Scruffy spotted two others who appeared to be as inexperienced as he was. They, a Fighter and Guard of Pahand, K’emwar and a Ranger by the name of Mho who were looking for adventure. After meeting the two, who both were obviously not as charismatic as he was, Scruffy decided to join with them and set off for adventure.

Scruffy is now a well known Paladin throughout the region as a war hero, slayer of Evil, and the man with the sexiest name around. Scruffy is found traveling around with his comrades, the Silver Gears, where he continues to seek out the darkness so he may shine his holy light upon them. It is rumored though, that he also quests for a holy sword, one of which the DM will grant him for his noble deeds. It is also noted that if you are stupid enough to try and mug Scruffy, HE WILL beat the crap out of you, with or without friends alongside him.

Scruffy McAwesomepants

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