Lester the Weak



Lester was born the 13th of 13 children to Johesue and Mildred Youseth. His family was an adventuring family. His parents and all of his brothers and sisters were directly involved in pushing back the great outside back. His brothers were all strapping and courageous and his sisters were equally robust. Unfortunately, after 12 births, Johesue and Mildred were old and tired and the blessing of bringing another life into the world was a “burden” to the family.

When born, Lester was weak and small. This was when he gained his nickname “Lester the Weak”. He grew up in a large family, but with most of the family concentrating on pushing back the great outside, he was mostly ignored in his early years. This lead to many hours alone left to fend for himself and contemplate his own existence and place in the world. Lester soon learned that he meant nothing to his parents and siblings. As early as the age of 5 he was often left on his own or unattended as the family pursued heroic campaigns to push back the great outside. When he was 8, his family expected him to take up the family cause and help push back the great outside; however, being ignored until that time, Lester was woefully unprepared to take up his family mantel. On his first expedition, we was severely wounded during a wolfweed attach. His recovery was protracted and he never fully recovered. After this first venture into the great outside he was reluctant to return and his family, dead set on expanding the arable land available for humans, paid even less attention to him.

At the age of 12, after several “missed” campaigns, his family disavowed him and threw him out into the harsh streets of Selegod to fend for himself. Lester never forgave his family for this betrayal. After several weeks of surviving on his wit, he fell in with a local group of other youngsters that were similarly down on their luck. He soon learned that the group was part of the local thieves guild. He quickly felt at home with the other thieves, all of who had equally “hard luck” story.

Life was hard during these years. He was required to steal to survive and most of what he stole “belonged” to Thieves and Master Thieves further up the chain of command. The rule of “might is right” quickly took root in his philosophy on life. The hard life also toughened him up physically and his scrawny build finally filled out. Eventually he learned to adapt to the life of a thief and even grew to like it.

Lester the Weak

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