ALARA Principal, Lady of Swords (deceased)

Ranger (Tracker)




Although native to Pahand City, Lady ALARA Principal was never well known in her home town. An ardent follower of UTU, she believed He was more appropriately worshipped outside under the majesty of the sky than within the confines of lesser temples made by human hands. As a child she ran away to join a small troop of rangers, who taught her to survive and thrive in the Great Outdoors. After an extended absence from known civilization, she appeared at age 19 in Pahand City, bereft of any family or friends. She presented herself to Father William, Priest-in-Charge of the Holy Shrine of UTU, offering her services as a “specialized problem-solver”. At the Shrine she met, and joined forces with, one Tyrone Smythe (a.k.a “Tru Bard”). Smythe, at that time, was convalescing from injuries he sustained during the recent volcanic eruption that was to form Crater Lake. Father William was deeply involved with the Sheriff of Pahand’s plan for the Reconstruction of Hatyad City after the Great War, so ALARA and Tru were commissioned to aid the Sheriff in this endeavor. The pair’s first assignment was to oversee the refit of the Hatyadian mines, remove the existing occupational hazards, and eliminate the mysterious ailment known as the “miners’ curse”. Their eventual success earned them great status with the Baron of Pahand, and brought Smythe closer to his life’s goal: to regain his titles and family honor.

ALARA was a complex person of many faces and talents. Androgynous in appearance, aloof in manner, aristocratic in bearing, and armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons, she was a formidable opponent. A ranger and fighter by training, during her early travels with the “Grinding Gears” party, she became known as “Lady of Swords”. Where she walked evildoers and lesser beings quickly stepped aside. Allies described ALARA as “brilliant, beautiful, steadfast, and badass”. Other than Tru, she had no close friends. Her profound understanding of her god and nature made her skilled both as a lay-healer and craftsman. Later in life, she became known as “Patron of Engineers”. Tragically her life came to an abrupt end while visiting Selangod to investigate the untimely disappearance of one Robert Greensleeve, Paladin of Eenugi. Her battered body was found beside a road in East Selangod. Foul play was suspected, but the case remains unsolved to this day.

ALARA Principal, Lady of Swords (deceased)

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