Vampires, Amber, Old Friends and New Faces, oh and Swamps

Hanging out in the Statue room of the Serpent King’s abode, the party decided to move on, but not before Delal had the dead woman freed, to be brought along. Maka stored the body in the bag, for now. They moved on to the throne room and found it’s terribly evil appearance less offensive, for the distinct lack of enemies. Rah produced the Serpent King to answer the question, “Where is your treasure?” After a word game that wasn’t a word game at all, the party made there way back to the treasure chamber. Maka dumped the body to spring a trap, much to Delal’s dismay.
Maka saw the glittering lights of treasure and went in to investigate. She encountered a snake with a hand for a head, giving it enough attention that she failed to evade the vampiric Lizard Queen who’s bite chilled the thief’s blood. A melee ensued, sans Maka. Rah used the Lizard King to small effect, harming the party substantially more than the vampire, at least the snaky hand thing died. The queen once again escaped the fight. Delal fetched the woman’s body from the pit.
So then there was treasure. There were mounds of coin and magic items, a spellbook, and two large blocks of amber. These last two items each stood about seven feet tall three feet wide. They were probably worth thousands of gold each, except for the fact that inside of each, a humanoid figure stood frozen. Some party members started chipping away at the amber, to attempt to free the heads of the frozen people first. Others appraised the magic items and stayed wary of the vampire hidden somewhere.
Eventually Delal decided to use the two Stone to Flesh scrolls that they had conveniently found earlier. This freed both people captured in the amber, the mysterious Witch, Martina and a female Paladin of Utu. Both of these people were essentially suspended in time for months, happy to be freed but also quite disoriented. Martina claimed to be exhausted. Both of these people joined the party, at least for the nonce.
They traveled up to the river-side in the subterranean cavern. Martina pointed out that the river wasn’t actually there, but was some kind of an illusion. She instructed the party on where not to cross so as to avoid the acid pits. Then they came upon the battle scene where Martina was apparently captured. She found the skeletal remains of her Bullette Familiar, Stanly. She committed to Find another.
Prior to leaving the Temple, Martina offered the party a gift for releasing her, she would grant them a single Wish. The consternation and arguing began. K’em and Martina exchanged words while Maka, Threep, Gargg, and the rest explored wildly different possibilities for the Wish. Boredom set in for some and the juggling of old heads took place between fighters.
Martina suddenly felt better, although she also became impatient with the party’s squabbling. They decided to Wish that certain peoples that wanted them dead, (The Inquisition, Duke Haverstaff, and any assassins sent by the above peoples) would forget about them. The party found itself surprised to agree, and on one of Gargg’s ideas no less. With the Wish granted, Martina left the party.
It was night-time and so the party went to their cave to rest. The next morning the party found that the jungle swamp had become animated. Discussing it with the Lizard King, uncovered that all this time the Lizard King had exerted some kind of power over the jungle, keeping it passive and quite safe. It could be restored to peacefulness if the Lizard King was released, something the party was loath to do. So they risked entering the very active swamp under the direction of the infallible Threep.
The party was besieged during their entire journey. Jackfruit and Durian bombs pelted them, cactus needles sprayed them, thick vines and branches swiped at them. All of the party members took regular damage and couldn’t rest. Only the wise use of the Regeneration Ring saved them. After three days of being flayed in the swamp, Threep’s masterful direction led them right back where they started from. Indeed, the party had gone in a circle. It wasn’t all Threep’s fault, however, as the landmarks had all changed with the activation of the jungle.
The party set out again after taking a long rest break. During which, Delal identified some of the magic items and found that the magic ring was a Ring of Three Wishes, with one Wish left over. Exciting times. More discussion broke out as to how to use the Wish. Delal kept the ring for safe keeping.
Threep did better this time out. The party traversed the pugnacious swamp for five days before reaching the far shore and safety. They were desperate for rest, their physical reflexes and mental acumen were long exhausted. Still, a large monster came to bang on them. The two-headed, two-clubed giant seemed very sore at the party and managed to beat on them, but only for a short while. The party still had enough strength to slay the monster.
The trip to Singa’s Justice was undisturbed after that. The party reached the front gates, looking forward to several days of rest.



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