Tricks, traps and thieves

The party was a bit tired from the start of the day, which began in the safety of the church. They decided to let Jethro the fighter accompany them in their adventuring efforts in the tomb, as a “door opener.” They then descended back into the tomb, all the way back to the un-opened door where they heard whispering the days before.
Delicacy went out the window as the party put shoulders to the door to smash it in. Their success was met by a magic user casting Sleep on the smashers. He had a small party of two thieves for support. This support was not up to the task however, as Alara came in and dropped the magus in a single blow. The thieves gave up after that, yet they were too frightened of the mosquito bats to flee the tomb all together. They followed the party around, carrying their unconscious friend and occasionally helping Maka with the traps.
Further exploration found a room with a painted scene in it; a party of hunters with their dogs pointing at a burning cottage. Didn’t seem to be otherwise important. They moved on to the rock, paper, scissors room.
Upon opening the door Alara saw a paper mache’ alter with an idol sitting upon it, two scything blades held back by burning straps, and a 5 foot stone suspended over the alter. Then a ticking started. Alara dove in and secured one of the candles but couldn’t prevent the rest from triggering. The idol and the alter were crushed by the falling stone, but also burned by a fireball that manifested from the candles. Alara dodged most of the damage. Nothing else of interest was found in the room. They moved on to the slimy, algae room.
This room had a corroded cart covered in green algae, and a tight tunnel covered in muck. Prodding the algae showed it to be safe, mossy detritus. Upon approaching the tunnel, Maka and Scruffy received a splattering of Green Slime, which fell from the ceiling. Scruffy healed himself of the contagion then left Jethro to scrape the slime from Maka, whose armor was ruined. She went on to procure new armor from one of the other thieves. They burned off the rest of the slime before exploring the tunnel.
The tunnel went on to a shaft heading 15 feet straight up. Maka climbed the shaft, watching for slime, and lifted the trapdoor at the top. She saw a clawed foot through the crack, and quickly descended. The party didn’t like this option for exploration, citing obvious dangers.
Back out and through the long passage, the party found a circular chamber filled with water. They found it to be at least 25 feet deep and apparently filled with poisonous snakes. There was nothing found of interest here.
There seemed only one other path of exploration, to the north, which meant going around that dreaded trap again. Some made it, some failed. They found a passage flanked by 6 statues. The last statue hid a gelatinous monster, which paralyzed a few of the party before they figured out how to kill it. The party was pretty beaten up at this point, and returned to the church for healing, rest and relaxation.
They also charged the thief party to rest in the stables and leave the next day. The one conscious thief, on the contrary, stripped his companions and apparently fled on his own. But the party took a few days rest to heal up and recharge.
Eventually the party returned to where they killed the gelatinous horror and found small treasure. Then they continued on to a locked door with a sign, “You’ve Come So Far, But the True Test of Your Skills Has Just Begun!” The party continued undaunted and descended a staircase.
They found an empty room and found a series of secret doors. These doors lead to various other secret doors and finally a room with a pipe organ. The room was set up like a concert hall, with several chairs lined up as if waiting for an audience. There was also a placard on the exit door that read, “You’ve Come This Far and Myself You’ve Almost Found, But to Pass This Door You Must Play the Proper Sound.” The party is currently considering what to do next.
Also during this time, there was quite a bit of conversation between Alara and other party members about the paperwork and scrolls that the party had accumulated over the months. They seem to be a source of consternation, as they show no resolution.



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