Resting, Walking, Bush-wacking, and Cursed Curses

The party rested in Singa’s Justice among the hustle and bustle. Seems that something big was soon to happen in town, as shop-fronts and religious buildings were all getting a fresh face. Nothing less than gold was being used to decorate the walls and posts down the main street. It turns out that the goddess Singa is arriving, physically, in town within the month.
Party members asked about Singa and received religious answers about Singa wiping out evil and toppling false temples. These questions were secondary to the party’s need for rest, item identification, and financial transactions. All of this took no little time.
The party decided to head in the direction of Selangod, setting out for the Gnomish city of Malacad. Along the way the party met a huge, viney, tree-monster. They killed it fairly quickly, finding it easy enough to damage.
A day later an unpleasant discovery was had. Delal found to her chagrin that she had been cursed again. Her thinking process had blurred slightly and the effect didn’t pass. She learned that Sakatha’s spellbook, while not protected by any wards, was nonetheless cursed. Seems that if you are not Sakatha, and you use the spellbook, then you lose mental ability, weekly until you die. Delal now had two cursed items that she could not part with.
After this discovery, and as the party approached Malacad, they heard the sounds of a woman in distress. Indeed it seemed the woman was stuck in a bog. The party approached and tried to help the woman, before finding that this was no woman. The lizard-bodied half-woman emerged and attacked the party with spells and weird, toothy tentacles. She turn out to be quite tough too, standing up to many attacks. Most terrible, perhaps, was that Tia, the Paladin, lost her connection to the god, a damage somehow inflicted by the beast.
The party pulled into town having failed to kill the monster. They found that the Gnomes were also busy, planning the defense of Malacad in case any plants decided to come their way. Tia found her deficiency to be permanent and so tried to find a magical means of restoring her connection to the god. At the same time, Delal learned what was required to lift her curse, a strange combination of divine action and culinary disgustingness.
Tia, for her part, learned that the Lizard King apparently had a large collection of slaves. Returning to the swamp temple may be required, if not to free the slaves then for a promised bauble that may return her connection to the god.



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