No Longer Dead, but Still Worth an Argument

Gargg was dead, and the party had to do something about it. Having bought scrolls that would aid them in this endeavor, they set out from Singa’s Justice. Several days of masterful path-finding by Threep later, they came upon the now familiar temple of the Lizard King. They descended to its lower level and returned to the structure that they hoped contained the corpse of Gargg.
Delal read the difficult Transmute spell at the stone blockage located in the main hallway. It turned to mud, partially filling the deep pit also located in the hallway. They found Gargg’s body among the bodies of three large fire-dogs, an ape and a tall lizard-man. All of the bodies had been through a harsh carnage of a fight. Gargg had apparently bled-out. Maka conjectured that perhaps these foes stepped out of the mosaic on the wall, as happened in the dining room. But with Gargg’s body in tow, they set off back toward Singa’s Justice.
On the way they fought a large, toothy dinosaur that had apparently taken poison damage. It was in a rage, crashing through the jungle. It attacked the party and bit deep into Rah. Attacks kept coming and the monster fell before it could do much more damage. The trek continued.
They reached Singa’s Justice a few nights later and deposited Gargg to be Raised. The next morning the party discovered that a merchant was in town, buying and selling magic items. Her name was Darla and she was a two-headed woman. The party inquired about many items that they wanted from her.
They also found out that there was a new threat coming to distant Selangod. It seems that a great Plant army has risen, planned to march on the Capitol City. Details at this point are scarce.
With a few items bought, and a healed up Gargg, the party moved on, heading around to the Gnome city of Malacad. On the way, Gargg got into an argument with Rah. Rah had withheld healing. He denied Gargg’s assertion that he was Gargg’s father, and wanted Gargg to acknowledge the fact. Gargg also got into an argument with K’em, as Gargg didn’t appreciate the way K’em scolded him about moving too fast. It might have gotten uglier if Maka and Threep did not come in on Gargg’s side.
Another strange thing occurred when Delal cast her new Find Familiar spell. It wasn’t an owl or a cat that came to her side, but a strange, winged beast looking part horse and part eagle. Delal thanked “Al” for this boon of a familiar.
The party continued on and late one night, were attacked by large owl-bears. Once again, it was Rah that received the brunt of the damage. With a well-timed back-stab from Maka and a huge smash from Gargg, the creatures were defeated. Rah healed himself.
They pulled into Malacad to train in the city that was bustling with activity. Everyone trained except K’em, who had recently suffered the touch of a wight, and Scruffy who just couldn’t afford it. What would they all do next? Return to an ugly situation in Selangod, or return to finally deal with the Lizard King?


THAT NOT “argument”. THAT ABUSE! Next time HIM up in face, ME acquaint toffee- nosed git c room full of “being hit in head with hammers”. —G.


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