Just a Bunch of Wandering Monsters

With the cornfield behind them, the party continued on their journey to Malacad. The bulk of the party traveled at the front of the column, with K’em taking the rear position. Between them traveled the peasants and lesser adventurers. The first priority was to get these non-party members safely into town.
So when the party came upon two, tentacled monstrosities, each having eleven mouths, they silently passed by without engaging them. The large creatures radiated evil but were too engrossed with each other to notice the crowd of humans. It looked like a very tough fight and the party was overly concerned with the fate of the weak.
They continued on and came upon a scene of carnage. Several violently slain gnomes laid before them on the grass. Rah talked with a weed to find out what happened, and found that giant humanoids had fought here. Closer examination of the bodies attracted the attention of enemies that were indeed giants.
The fifteen-foot, lanky giants came up from a depressed area, demanding payment. They stated that the party was passing through their territory and must pay the astronomical amount of four thousand Gold Crowns to them. Certain party members prepared for a fight while the banter continued.
The giants drew huge, great swords and cut brutal wounds into K’em, Rah and Gargg during a long melee. The party used flanking maneuvers and magic to overwhelm these dangerous foes. Threep used his natural hatred for giants to great effect, inflicting huge wounds. Before long the party was able to fell each of the giants, and di so without losing any of their number.
But then the Lizard King Sakatha, who had been freed for the fight, chose to interpret his instructions in such a way that he attacked Delal’s Hippogriff Familiar. The Lizard king stabbed Albert the Familiar with his trident. Gargg reacted by attacking Sakatha much to the chagrin of Rah, who wanted to preserve the asset he saw in Sakatha. K’em was able to body slam the Lizard King before Rah tucked him back into the Iron Skull.
The party rested and did some healing. The damage caused by the giants was heavy, however, and there wasn’t enough time for full healing before the next day came around, and with it, another fight.
A twelve foot tall shambling figure of decayed flesh appeared, looking like a giant zombie. But then is spoke, asking the party simple questions. Scruffy detected no evil in the horned, disgusting creature but that didn’t stop Maka from lying to it. The fetid monster became enraged at the dishonesty and attacked with powerful claws. Gargg feared for his life and the lives of the civilians in their number. He retreated to lead the non-combatants away from the fight.
Threep started as the monster’s first target, receiving a few blows. He too feared for his life as this creatures attacks were mighty. For all of its wasted appearance, it still maintained great strength. It also proved difficult to harm as its tattered flesh resisted attacks and magics. So fearsome was its appearance that Tia, Maka and Spot ran away in terror.
Scruffy found success is several consecutive strikes but progress was slow. Then he failed to resist the monster’s magic and had to be pulled from the fight by Delal, whose magic was useless. Rah brought out the Lizard King, who was then slain. K’em took over for Scruffy and started taking great damage. He sucked down healing potions between strikes. Rah too fed K’em healing potions and spells. In the end it was Rah and a mighty blow from his flail that brought the creature down. With the fight over, the party was able to make it in to Malacad by nightfall.
There was great celebrating in town as the captured gnomes had been returned. They welcomed the party to some free services and accolades. The party had some very powerful magic items identified including a Talisman of Pure Good. It would be a time for training and recovering for the party as they rested in safety.



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