Fights, Fights and More Fights, ah Freedom at Last

The party started in Malacad, rested knowing a long journey awaited them. Tia received a dark message from no one less than the monster that so harmed her the day before. The message instructed her to give herself to the monster, a Lamia of great power. They decided to try to find the monster, to kill it so that Delal could dispel her latest curse.
They checked the bog where they had met the monster before but it wasn’t to be found. They pressed on toward Weycomb when the monster in question ambushed them. It used magic to attack the party, round after round, but most of its attacks were resisted.
The party responded with bows a swords but the damage done to the monster was infrequent and often small. Delal used most of her spells in the fight and Gargg, Threep, and Maka attacked it with projectiles, to small effect.
Toward the end of the fight, the monster had drawn its sword, yet it found trouble hitting anything. It was being worn down by the sheer number of attacks being leveled against it. It was about at the point where it would turn invisible and flee again, when Maka attacked.
The backstab Maka gave split the monster from head to talon in the single greatest application of hurt ever given by any party member. Black blood gushed out in the explosion of damage. A satchel of gems and a greatsword were had.
The journey continued without incident until they came upon the ruin that was Weycomb. The giant, armored worms burst up through the ground, knocking Maka and Gargg up and then down to their knees. The worms sought to devour the characters using vicious mandibles.
Being surprised, the party decided not to fool around with bows, but drew their impressive swords and attacked. They did impressive damage against the four worms but found them resilient, the toughest worms they had ever faced.
K’em and Rah received the bulk of the monster’s damage, with the worms missing many attacks against the others. One by one the attacks from the party brought the worms down.
The party decided to head back to the swamp to see if they could borrow Stephen’s boat. He was not to be found and his boat was gone. It looked as though he had moved on from his murky abode. They decided to backtrack and find the boats they left on the other side of the swamp.
During this journey, the party came upon a strange site, a Goth woman sitting in a circle of salt. They found no evil in the woman and answered her entreating gestures. The woman asked to be freed from the circle, some kind of magical barrier. Unbelievably, the woman claimed to be a goddess named Circe. She had apparently been trapped there by another wizard, someone named Shakti. She was asking him to help in the fight against the coming Armageddon, one that she noted had nothing to do with the plants. But the wizard trapped her in the circle instead. Threep decided that, as Circe wasn’t evil, and that she offered rewards, to free her from the circle. Once freed, Circe announced her intention to leave, and then teleported away. Interesting but fruitless.
The party continued on and eventually found their boats, in need of repair. Spending the day to do so, they then entered the swamp. The journey was again harrowing and there was no sleep to be had, but Threep’s directions were true. They found the temple and approached their hideout to receive their much needed rest. The attack came without warning but largely without success. It seems that the Lizard King’s prisoners had escaped without the party’s help, and had set up a meager defense. They were quickly talked out of future violence. The former prisoners begged for help, as they wouldn’t be able to escape the swamp on their own.
The party and the former prisoners set about building extra boats by the astute example of K’em. Rah fed the prisoners with blessings from his god, as food left behind was running thin. Four of the thirty-plus prisoners actually had levels as fighters and were the leaders of the masses. There were ten Gnomes and two Elves in the mix.
The days passed uneventfully as the workers built the boats. There was still substantial concern that the former prisoners wouldn’t survive the flight through the swamp. The party turned to possible sources of information, to find anything that would help. Rah talked to the plants, but the plants would only make a deal in the presence of their evil goddess. Rah then turned to the Serpent King and found that the swampy area behind the mountain was thinner, could be traversed in a days’ time. That seemed to be their best option, even though being out in the wild-lands far from the nearest city was daunting.
The party set out dragging behind them four boats filled with people. Rah kept the Lizard King in the front to fight anything that got in the way. The defenses they had built into the boats worked well but not perfectly, four civilians were lost to the ravenous plants. Then the lead boat encountered a huge plant monster. This threatened to destroy everything, however the Lizard King and the use of fire had shockingly large effect on the creature. With the monster defeated, the party made it through to an open grassland on the other side of the swamp. About half of the former prisoners were injured but they had escaped the swamp. What would lie ahead of them, as they returned to civilization?



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