Death and Almost Death, Making Good Drama

The party finished their rest with Delal memorizing the all-important Knock spell. Maka and K’em argued briefly about falling asleep during Watch. But then they all descended once again to the lower reaches of the Lizard-temple.
Delal’s Knock spell worked on the large bronze doors at the front of the structure. Looking inside, passages heading left and right as well as a short passage heading straight ahead. Gargg investigated the right-most door and promptly sprung a trap.
He fell into a twenty-foot pit and onto a bed of spikes. Threep moved up to lower a rope and was promptly caught under a second trap, as a ten-foot block of stone fell on him. Most of the life was crushed out of him as he crept back to the party. Gargg, however had his return path perfectly blocked by the fallen stone. The party heard a bellowing voice say, “Welcome Great King to your hunt!” Shortly afterward the party heard the sounds of fighting from Gargg’s location. After several minutes, all sounds of combat ceased.
The party couldn’t follow Gargg and so considered the other paths. The left passage looked fraught with traps. The forward passage was also trapped but Maka managed to spring the trap without damage. Through the door the party saw a huge banquet of food set out for them. Maka and K’em were the first ones brave enough to step into the room. After a brief search they saw the lizard-man mosaics step forward from the walls, becoming life-like figures. They spoke to the party, welcoming the King’s guests to the King’s feast. Rah and Threep eventually entered the room – the rest being too gun-shy to enter. The lizard-men were all too nice, serving wine and refilling empty plates of food. They were gracious servants to the party members, catering to their food desires. A glance under the table revealed a trap door to yet another lower level.
The lizard-men servants did nothing to prevent the party from descending through the trap door in the floor, and the stairs down entered another chamber that wasn’t the suspected wine-cellar. Opening a pair of doors revealed a large chamber. Inside, priests of the evil cult were leading a worship service for a dozen lizard-men.
The fight started with Scruffy engaging the first lizard-man in his path. Other fighters came in to bring the fight to the clerics. Rah moved in to cast Silence on the alter in the back of the room, to silence the spell-casters, who quickly realized that they could hear nothing.
The party’s fighters contented themselves to kill lizard-men, except Threep who went in to defend the unfortunate Rah. Rah had been surrounded by the clerics, and Held in place. Threep too was Held and both he and Rah were effectively slain by the clerics. Things looked dire for the shrinking party, now down two fighters and a cleric.
It fell to Delal’s magic, Maka’s guile, and K’em’s brawn to save the day, as Scruffy too was held. It would take the timely arrival of Delal’s summoned monsters to give the party a respite. By sure luck, mighty bugbears appeared and succeeded in delivering many blows to the lizard-folk, and then the head-cleric himself, who couldn’t go through Healing spells fast enough.
This cleric saw the changing tide as his fellow clerics fell. He escaped out a side entrance, effectively ending any threat to the party. The party collected their comrades and left so that Rah, at least, could be Raised.
They returned to Singa’s Justice, to rest and recoup their fallen and diminished comrades. Divinations performed here also told the party that Gargg had died, wherever he was. They collected means by which to gain Gargg’s body and headed out, once again trusting Threeps sense of direction.



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