Capture the King, Avoid Fangs, and Kill Innocents

With training done, the party moved on from Malacad. They had re-supplied and moved out, heading back to the Temple of the Lizard King with a largely uneventful journey. They ran into their old friend Stephen and asked to borrow his boat, but with conflicting stories. Stephen lent out his boat for a small cost and the party was off, traversing the swamp again. The denizens of the swamp remained at a distance.
The party plumbed the depths of the dungeon to its lowest known level. They noticed that the door to the temple closed as they approached. They prepared for a fight, with Delal summoning a monster to help.
Then the doors burst open and a torrent of fire smashed into the party. Someone had hit them with a fireball. The damage proved more an irritant than a hindrance. The caustic smell coming from the temple wasn’t a hindrance either, as the party swept in to attack a collection of priests and a lizard-man wearing a crown.
The melee started with the summoned help being struck down by an enemy fighter that had been eluding the party up to then. A buffed and re-buffed K’em and Threep engaged the priests. Scruffy planned to but was Held by magic. Gargg went back and forth, fighting but turning back to rescue friends. Maka snuck up to deliver backstabs. Delal contented to fire off Magic Missiles from the back.
It was Rah that claimed the lion’s share of the victory. He opened the Iron Skull of Gul’Dan and successfully captured the Lizard King. That Rah would later be knocked unconscious in the fight is of less importance. With the main antagonist removed, cleanup of the remaining clerics proved easy. The party now had a powerful, disposable wizard at their command, at least Rah did.
With daylight remaining, the party pressed on, finding little treasure from the big fight. The Lizard King shared some information, at Rah’s insistence, and it looked like most of the fighting was behind them. They entered a chamber containing five coffins. Scruffy detected evil in the room and set about checking the coffins for the source of the evil. The centermost coffin contained a Lizard-woman, an apparently undead lizard-woman, who leaped up to attack the paladin. A melee ensued as Scruffy desperately sought to fend of the monster’s fangs. After a few rounds the vampire-lizard vanished in a puff of smoke. Would she re-emerge?
Undaunted the party pressed on further. Came upon another chamber filled with life-like statues. Approaching, they heard the sound of a snake’s rattle. Was there a medusa lying in wait? Delal decided to send in her summoned monsters to slay whatever was in the room. The two pig-men ran in and did the deed. Closer examination found that the enemy medusa was in fact an innocent, shackled peasant woman – now quite dead. The rattling turned out to come from a rattlesnake that lived in a small pit in the corner of the room. No evil or real threat was ever present. The party did find two scrolls of Stone to Flesh. Much frowning was had at the devilish trickery that was left in their path.



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